Monday, September 16, 2013

Customizer Spotlight #34: Shaka's Customs aka munchkins2005

This is a cool looking Star Wars custom action figure that we saw on eBay and wanted to add to my collection.  This is a character from Shaka Customs original line, Star Wars The Lost Files: Bluestunie. 

Bluestunie is Rappertunie's father, and one of the original members of Jabba's band.  We use this figure as a street musician in one of our Tatooine street scenes.

Shaka's Customs started by trimming some plastic from the shoulders, and head of a Rappertunie action figure.  Then he built the hair, re-sculpted his head, and a gave the figure a full paint job including his seat and instrument.

Shaka's Customs is a seasoned veteran over at Figure Realm.   He has created toys from several toy lines, so you should definitely check out the links below to see more of his work. 

created by Shaka's Customs aka munchkins2005

To go to the eBay page for munchkins2005 go to the link below:

Also check out Shaka's Customs on Figure Realm: