Sunday, October 20, 2013

GENERAL PONG KRELL custom action figure - COMPLETED

created by Darth Daddy & Hyperdrive

"Click Image" above to go to the post with the completed figure.

"Hello all. I just had the privilege of contributing to one of the coolest, most beautifully sculpted figures that I have ever worked on. Darth's sculpt work on his General Pong Krell figure is top shelf, TOP SHELF! Having seen it in person, I can attest to his craftsmanship and skill. While the entire piece is nicely sculpted, I was blown away by the head sculpt and his feet. Also his paintwork was awesome. Pong Krell is en route back to Darth D as we speak. Looking forward to sharing the finished product with you all." - Hyperdrive

"Oh my, this is fantastic! You have really raised the bar with this beautiful work of art. I am blown away by how awesome this figure is! I officially nominate this as custom action figure of the year! Just had a thought, CAFN should do a Figure of the year show with what they feel was the best figure/figures created. The soft good by Hyperdrive really seals the deal and that custom base is great as well." - Luke Sprywalker 

"You just made my top custom figures of all time list. Just awesome work here." - Tamer of Imperial Shipyards

"WOW O WOW Krell is just brillant the details on him a just flawless." - Ron Hemble

"Looks stunning!! My jaw is on the floor!" -Wraithnine
"It really doesn't get better than this. What a fantastic collaboration between the two of you. The figure was already amazing before Hyperdrive's soft goods were added... the final touches just make this without a doubt, one of the most amazing customs to grace our boards." - Chewie