Monday, November 11, 2013


So this month we don't have a "new" artist to showcase for our Customizer Spotlight.   Maybe by the end of the month, but don't hold your breath.  I can't believe that we have been able to keep the feature going so long considering the blog has been around for almost four years now.  Having to come up with a new artist isn't always easy since this feature is about custom action figures that are in my personal collection.  While I have a multitude of action figures that you might not have seen yet, both "figures made by artist's we have already featured", and also "figures that we're not sure who they were crafted by".  One day we'll have to do a feature showcasing custom action figures "made by artists unknown to us", but that is for another day.

Today, we will still provide you with some Star Wars custom action figures that are in my collection, it will just be from an artist that has already been featured in our Customizer update to their feature.  And what an update it is.  

One of the most upsetting changes to the Star Wars toy line was the discontinuation of the Clone Wars toy line.  I always felt Hasbro really took a lazy approach toward the end of the line in 2012.  Even though the show continued on in to 2013, once 2012 hit, we only got repacks.  Europe was fortunate enough to get a limited run of figures, but no new characters were released there other than the 501st Clone Trooper.  All new characters that were introduced in Seasons 4 or 5 never made it to plastic.  Here at home we are still working on making a few of those characters in plastic and one of our customizing friends has been helping us get the job done.  Peakob1 has already added so many wonderful action figures to my collection and believe me there are still more to come.  The latest custom action figure is an updated look for a character as he appeared later in Season 5.

While Hasbro does have plans to release a version of this Sith character, they plan on releasing him in a realistic sculpt featuring only 5 points of articulation figure that upon viewing the prototype we just weren't very impressed with.  Compared to Peakob1's version, it doesn't hold up.  Peakob1's creation is a version of Darth Maul that I wish everyone had a chance to obtain and I couldn't be happier to be the one to have this figure in my collection.  It is the epitome of a missed opportunity by Hasbro.  This figure is fully articulated with even ball-jointed hips!  His lightsaber hilts even attach to his belt.  He even comes with the Darksaber hilt as well that attaches to his belt at the rear.

created by Peakob1

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