Monday, November 4, 2013

One Awesome eBay Auction - Hangarbay94's Endor Imperial Landing Platform

Now this is an eBay auction I wish I had the money for.  With the "Buy It Now" option I don't anticipate this being available for very much longer.  This is a one-of-a-kind scale Endor Imperial Landing Platform from the Star Wars movie Return of the Jedi. This represents over a hundred hours work and features a custom paint scheme, working LED lights and comes complete with an AT-AT Walker and Imperial Shuttle from the Star Wars toy range. Built to scale with Star Wars figures and vehicles, there is nothing like this available commercially. This was a created while Star Wars customizer Hangarbay94's kids went through a brief Star Wars phase and he had a wonderful opportunity to relive his childhood. He will not be making another. This model can broken down into component parts for storage (a bit like a fold down table) and would suit anyone looking for an awesome Star Wars display for a shop or feature item in a Star Wars collection. Made from sturdy materials, this item is in good condition with no damage. Hangarbay94 will supply the buyer with additional decals for future use. Hangarbay94 has not calculated shipping costs outside the UK, but if a buyer is interested expect to pay in the region of £100+ for postage and packaging as this will need to be sent via specialist courier in extensive protective packaging.  As a proud owner of this artist's work, I highly recommend picking this up.  In fact, I'm running out now to pick up a lottery ticket in hopes that I win and use the money to score this awesome Hangarbay94 creation.

"Imperial Landing Platform"
created by Hangarbay94

Here's the link to the auction here:

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