Thursday, November 28, 2013

Evilivo Added to "Customs I Wish I Owned"

This holiday, Customs for the Kid can't express how thankful we are that we can keep adding to our archival list of super talented Star Wars custom action figure artists, month after month.  Customizing Star Wars action figures is an art form that continues to grow more and more popular with each coming year.  Every time we start to fear we'll eventually run out of new artists to introduce you all to, ten more artists pop up that show us how silly our worries were.  More and more artists are continuously springing up all over the world.   Our latest customizer hails from Eastern Europe.  Featuring some of the most impressive paint applications in the community today, Evilivo is shaping up to be one of our favorite Star Wars customizers!

Evilivo (Ivo Domozetov from Bulgaria) was introduced to Star Wars at age 5, and immediately fell in love with the movies and the toys. He's been doing fixes to his action figures since his early years with the Vintage Kenner toy line and now later with Hasbro's revived line. Over the years customizing action figures replaced playing with the figures. Evilivo works as professional sculptor and jeweler and the attention to detail that his job requires definitely spills over into his artistic creations as well. He usually just alters and improves existing figures, since securing multiples of some figures is much harder to do in his part of the world, but don't let that diminish your curiosity.  His work is just beautiful and he has the ability to make the paint applications on his figures "pop" like no other artists out there.  The internet gave Star Wars customizer Evilivo the opportunity to discover the customizing forums at different Star Wars sites where he said he has found his "new family".  We love having him as a part of it.  His work continues to inspire.  Take a look.


Here is the link to Evilivo's thread in Yakface forums:

And this is Evilivo's Star Wars Customs album in Photobucket: ... t=4&page=1

His e-mail address is and he would like to try his hand at commission work, so reach out and contact him if you are as impressed with his work as we are.