Tuesday, December 31, 2013

GLORBES added to "Customs I Wish I Owned"

Glorbes has been customizing for just under ten years, but he can remember fashioning crude representations of Star Trek and Star Wars subjects from cardboard as a child in the 80s.  The idea of modifying existing figures never occurred to Glorbes until he stumbled upon several online customzing sites, and was primarily spurred on by the works of Iron Cow and Doubledealer, who specialized in super hero customs in 6” scale.  Over time, Glorbes began experimenting with several methods, and eventually embraced mixed media, combining sculpting compounds, plumber’s epoxy, fabric, and leather.  He eventually developed a signature style that evoked elements of old sci-fi and horror movies, lurid pulp fiction covers, and ‘diesel punk’ aesthetic, giving classic character designs a bizarre, but familiar twist. 

By 2007, Glorbes began making vehicles for 6” scale figures, starting with a Flash Gordon rocket composed of large juice bottles.  This transitioned into some crude styrene creations, and then things went crazy from there.  While action figures are what got him into customizing (and he still makes them!), creating custom vehicles and props from scratch has developed into his passion.  Having kids has also emphasized the importance of creating quick, cheap, and sturdy builds that look good and can be played with, which has led Glorbes to trying his hand at using various types of cardboard as a medium.  His cardboard Star Destroyer and Jabba's Sail Barge are two must see builds.  He now builds most of his stuff with his kids in mind, which has made his projects even more fun.


You can find more of Glorbes work at his blog: