Saturday, February 8, 2014

"Promotional Photo" Luke Skywalker custom action figure by Darth Daddy

The first "Promotional Photo Luke Skywalker" figure that I saw was created by Jayson Krebsbach from  Jayson is a Reporter/Reviewer/Photographer/Toyguide Manager at the website.  He created the "Promotional Photo" version of Luke for the Yakfiniites #50 custom contest.  I really liked the look of the figure, and I knew then I wanted to create one of my own.  The second version of this figure that I saw was created by Star Wars customizer I-AM-BOBA-FETT who created his version for Imperial Shipyard's 2014 No Paint Kit Bash Contest.  There are some minor differences between their versions, and there were things that I wanted to borrow from each of them.  When I came home last weekend, I found that Dad beat me to it and made him the exact way that I was planning on doing it.  I love this figure and I think it is my new favorite version of Luke Skywalker.  Like the Gamorrean Gladiator custom that made the rounds back in 2011, I could easily see this figure becoming the customizing fad of 2013-14.

To make him, Dad used a heat gun to pop off the shoulder joints, remove the jacket and arms from The Black Series Ceremonial Luke. He then popped the Juno Eclipse arms in place and put the Luke's hands where Juno's were.  Dad also removed some of the neck and lowered the ball joint so Luke's head didn't sit so high off his shoulders.  Dad sanded the neck post and ball before using krazy glue to reattach them.  Once it dried, he popped the head back on and the figure was done.

"Promotional Photo" Luke Skywalker
created by Darth Daddy

Head, torso, hips, legs, lightsaber, hands and gun - TBS05 Luke Skywalker
 Arms - Juno Eclipse



A big thanks to Logan Cross of the Wolfpack Podcast !  He is one of the designers over at SW Custom Cardbacks and he sent me a card that he designed for my action figure. His cardbacks are amazing!  We definitely recommend going to this artist if you are ever interested in giving one of your custom Star Wars action figures the royal treatment.  We loved the thickness of the card.  It's a bit thicker than the one used by Kenner or Hasbro which really helps to prevent it from ever being damaged.  We fully endorse the product this artist is putting out!

Front view.

Back view.

"Promotional Photo" Luke Skywalker
created by Jayson Krebsbach

 The Black Series #05 Luke Skywalker
The Legacy Collection Build A Droid  #02 Luke Skywalker arms

 "Promotional Photo" Luke Skywalker
created by I-AM-BOBA-FETT

Head - Luke Skywalker in Imperial disguise from comic pack
Torso, hips, legs, lightsaber, hands - Yavin ceremony Luke
Arms - Juno Eclipse