Thursday, April 10, 2014


Darth Daddy's Customizing Corner featured Star Wars customizer Ron Hemble aka Hemble Creations in the latest Customizing Corner over at The Star Wars Underworld.


Ron Hembling aka Hemble Creations is a name that almost every Star Wars customizer knows. He's famous for creating lifelike dioramas filled with custom action figures that are among the best ever made.  This Australian native is definitely within the ranks of the top three Star Wars customizers of all-time.  His paint applications add  so much realism with their masterful weathered appearance.  I can recognize a Hemble piece immediately because there is no one else out there quite like him.  He has a signature look that creates such uniformity when looking at all his pieces as a group.  They would all display so well next to each other.  Hemble's work is consistently classy.  One masterpiece after another.  I love the way he captures and exhibits the world that Lucas created.  

Hemble is unique in the community for sometimes turning his super-articulated action figures into frozen statuettes.  Once he poses an action figure in his diorama and gets it into its desired position, he will sculpt over the joints and hide the parts of the action figure that take away from the sculpts sense of realism.  By the time he finishes hiding all the lines in the figure that could only come off a machined assembly line, Hemble has a piece like the one pictured below. 

This artist really shows his mastery by being able to work within so many different scales.  I can't tell you how many customizing contests I took part in where Hemble took the top prize. Hemble's been one of the most supportive members I've come across in the custom action figure community and talents like Hemble don't come around as often as we all wish they would. 

You can see more of Ron's work at his website or at many a custom forums which he frequents, below are just some he goes to.