Saturday, June 7, 2014

"Beyghor Sahdett" created by Darth Daddy

I always wanted a Verpine Jedi in my collection. When Dad saw a Verpine head cast being sold at Doc Outland's Production Platform 3 ecrater store, he jumped at the chance to get one so he could make me this custom action figure.  Dad used the head cast he purchased with the upper torso of a Clone Wars Quinlan Vos action figure that was complemented by the arms, legs, and lower torso of a Clone Wars Geonosian Warrior.  Dad modified the wings with a Dremel to give them a more rounded appearance. While Dad will admit, that the Jedi robes he used to create his Beyghor Sahdett, aren't ones that he wore in the Dark Times comic, Dad felt like they were good enough for what he was making for me.  Dad said maybe he would make a more accurate looking figure sometime in the future, but he felt this figure fit very comfortably in his "done for now" group of customs.

"Beyghor Sahdett was a Verpine Jedi Master who lived during the final years of the Galactic Republic, and into the reign of the new Galactic Empire. Following the enactment of Contingency Order 66 by Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, Sahdett was captured by the Empire and converted into an agent for the Sith. Going undercover to hunt Jedi, Sahdett joined the crew of the Uhumele in search of fellow survivor, Jedi Master Dass Jennir.  After informing Vader that his role for Palpatine was to eliminate Jedi in his place, the Sith Lord decapitated Sahdett."

"Beyghor Sahdett" 
created by Darth Daddy


"Beyghor Sehdett" was featured on the front page of Imperial Shipyards.

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