Wednesday, June 18, 2014

DarthSinister added to "Customs I Wish I Owned"

Charlie White aka DarthSinister got his start customizing MEGO superheroes at a young age in the 1970’s and eventually moved on to Star Wars and Micronauts. After putting down customizing for decades he began to feel the artistic flicker resurge after becoming inspired by the artists around the web. His first step back into the hobby began on the RebelScum web site when he launched his digital customs or “PoorMan’s Customs” thread in 2009 using only images from the internet and a photoshop program. He heavily promoted the old MARVEL comics Star Wars series, giving them a much needed facelift in an attempt to bring modern relevance back to the beloved characters. He now resides mainly on the Imperial Shipyards, and while still doing digital imagery, he has begun a shift to actual hard customs since 2013.

DarthSinister's work is really nice on the eyes so be sure to take it all in. We never were exposed to the Marvel Star Wars comics here at home, but upon seeing the figures DarthSinister has created inspired by these comics, we'd sure like to see this part of the Star Wars universe more in depth.


DarthSinister on Imperial Shipyards:

DarthSinister: A Different Point of View:

DarthSinister on eBay:

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