Friday, August 8, 2014

"R2-D2: BIG HAY-ZU" created by Elias

Hay-Zu, also known as The Big Hay-Zu, was an overlord of the Patitite people. He was rather obese for his species, being carried by four Patitites on a throne to show power and vanity. He ruled over the people in a manner that made his people hate him.

C-3PO was praised for accidentally crushing him to death with R2-D2.

"Nomad Droids" is where you'll see this version of R2-D2 that Elias has created. It only took a little bit of paint to create this figure since no structural modifications were needed.  

"R2-D2: BIG HAY-ZU" 
created by Elias

Th last look we get of The Big Hay-Zu before he was crushed to death by R2-D2.



before he became a paint application on R2-D2.

This version of R2-D2 was featured on the front page of Imperial Shipyards.