Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Darth Daddy's Customizing Corner featured Star Wars customizer, CustomJedi, in his latest post over at The Star Wars Underworld.

 Zuckuss with custom soft goods.

A.J. Derroe aka CustomJedi has just returned to customizing after a very long hiatus that lasted more than a decade.  He's happily returned to customizing and has been having lots of fun with Star Wars since he's been back.  Recently CustomJedi has been creating collector's Mos Eisley Cantina and Jabba's Palace "wish list" one figure at a time.

CustomJedi was making Star Wars custom action figures way back when Power of the Force was on the pegs in the 90's.  I'm a huge fan of his POTF style Baniss Keeg.  I'd be perfectly content it if Hasbro released this character with 5 POA as long as it looked as good as CustomJedi's version.

As an artist that still has a great deal to learn about soft goods, I really envy the skills of CustomJedi.  His soft good work on Zuckuss and Bib Fortuna are "Most Impressive!"

CustomJedi is an artist that puts that little extra into his projects, taking his time to create small details like his magnetically attached restraining bolt for his C-3PO.

CustomJedi's Drumheller Harp is one of the coolest accessories I've ever seen made, and left we wanting one of my own. What I love most about this artist is that he shares his techniques and posts pictures in his forum thread of how he built the instrument.   

Be sure to keep an eye on this veteran customizer.  He's sure to impress!

 Super-articulated C-3PO with magnetic restraining bolt.

Super-articulated EV-9D9

Jabba's Bartender Droid

 Ak-Rev's Drumheller Harp.

 Super-articulated, soft goods Bib Fortuna

 Shasa Tiel

 Super-articulated Bo Shek

 Baniss Keeg

 Wicket repaint.

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