Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Over the last few years Customs for the Kid have bought a large number of Star Wars custom action figures.  Sometimes we procured the action figures from the artist themselves, while other times we purchased these figures from fans like ourselves who had purchased the customs for their own collections.  Later due to a variety of circumstances, these fans sold off a few of these Star Wars custom action figures while liquidating their collections.  A few of these figures found their way into our own collection, but for one reason or another, the creators of these customs were forgotten by their original owners and we never learned who the artists were that created these figures.

Since a large portion of our readers here at the blog are Star Wars customizers, we figured we'd see if any of our fans could identify the makers of these cool action figure creations.  If you made either of these figures or know the customizer who did, please let us know in our comments section so we can give these artists credit where credit is due.  We thank you in advance for all of your help!

"Sakiyan Jedi"
creator unknown

"Rebel Soldier"
creator unknown