Thursday, November 13, 2014


Last time we featured a customizer that made Star Wars playsets it went over really well and ended up being one of our most popular posts. That's why we're giving you some more of what you all desire, and there is no other artist that is better to take you along for a ride than JRNY FAN!

His Mission? Star Wars Plastic Playset Awesomeness.  And this guy really brings it!

JRNY FAN gave up hope long ago that Hasbro would ever give him the playsets he'd want. When the Star Wars line was relaunched in 1995, he wanted to have “one of every figure” that appeared in the films. He's been collecting Star Wars since he was 4 in 1980, so he really likes to integrate homages back to the vintage Kenner playsets wherever possible. His goal is to create playsets that would fit in his shelf space and give his figures worlds to inhabit, just as the old Kenner playsets used to. So, he tried his hand at crafting his own using a plastic called Instamorph (learn more about working with it). And even more recently entered the world of 3-D printing, which is helping him achieve some very impressive looking pieces.

Much like how George felt about his films, JRNY FAN's playsets aren’t “done.” He's always revising them, integrating new ideas, and reinventing past creations that are super functional from a design standpoint.. He wants them to be constructed entirely of plastic - no foam, glue, clay, and ideally no paint. While he's certainly going for the spirit of the film, he's not trying to create a inch-by-inch recreation of the set and shooting exteriors. Instead, he's trying to create something that would come close to a "toy.” Aside from furnishings and accessories, these playsets are generally one piece, not held together by glue. He's been using a combination of PCL moldable plastic and PLA for 3-D printed pieces. He finds that the more that he works with the material, the better he gets at manipulating it. JRNY FAN has no real art background and he hasn't sculpted anything since he was in 4th grade.

The bad news is, Star Wars and the toys are the property of Lucasfilm/Disney/20th Century Fox and Kenner/Hasbro. His playsets are not for sale, simply personal custom display pieces.  The good news is that he offers a link on his website for Downloadable 3-D Models.  He also has a small web store with small diorama pieces that are worth a look at too.