Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Our first custom action figure post for 2015.  Even though it is our first post of the year, this action figure was actually made in 2014.

For my 5 year old nephew's birthday 2 years ago, we gave him the entire Star Wars video library complete with all the films, The Clone Wars TV episodes, and the old Ewok movies that were made for television when I was a little kid. When my nephew began to watch some of the content that we gave him, he started with the "The Battle for Endor" movie. He loved the movie so much that he watched it 3-4 times a day for weeks on end.

When we visited his house on vacation, we brought him the Vintage Wicket and Star Tours Teek action figures, as well as, the Ewok Battle Pack that was exclusive to Toys R' Us. While we were visiting for the week, he saw us make custom action figures for the blog and was really impressed with our ability to make our own toys. So much so, that he asked if we could make a Noa and a Cindel for him last Christmas. 

He really liked what we made him, so this holiday, he asked for some of the baddies from the same film. We thought it would be fun if we made him a Charal action figure.  To do so, we used the body from a G.I. Joe Baroness action figure, and used green stuff to sculpt on her armor and necklace.  Originally, I wanted to do an original head sculpt, but due to time constraints and a heavy work load, I had to utilize the Black Series Mara Jade head to finish the custom in time for the holidays.  I just gave the head a simple repaint.  The hardest part was creating the soft goods and the feather cape that she wears. The dress and cape I took from the Black Series Luminara Unduli action figure and sewed in a red liner from some spare fabric I had left over from my Mother Talzin custom action figure.  It was the first time I ever did feather work, but I was pretty happy with how she turned out.

My favorite part of the project was the crow that Elias sculpted out of Green Stuff. Since Charal frequently uses her red gemstone ring to transform herself into a crow, we thought it would be fun to include the crow as part of the gift too.

My nephew absolutely loved the new addition to his "Battle for Endor" action figure collection.

"BATTLE FOR ENDOR" CHARAL action figure 
created by Customs for the Kid

created by Elias

 Complete with a red ring.

created by Customs for the Kid

Our Charal action figure was featured on the front page of Imperial Shipyards.