Monday, June 8, 2015

Hole In the Ground Productions has some exciting new products...

For those active in fan forums, you’re probably already familiar with the awesome custom diorama pieces that Hole In the Ground Productions creates, and offers to fellow collectors. He specializes in obscure items that some may overlook, but these things are just too cool to not be part of any Star Wars 3.75″ collection.

Robot Flipper

This five piece kit allows you to hold a PLNK Droid and flip it upside down. With very slight modifications you can add onto it with existing figure accessories (not sold with kit). Please contact us if you are unsure that it will work with your figures. Includes assembly instructions. $15

Ball Speeder

Small one person spacecraft or speeder. Measures approximately 4.5 inches diameter. It comes as an unpainted 8 piece easy to assemble kit. Features a removable top with pilot seat inside for one figure. Also a small recess made to fit one of our ammo crates (sold separately). Includes decal sheet and instructions. (Does not include decals for stripes) $45