Friday, May 20, 2016

"ENDOR CAPTAIN REX aka NIK SANT" created by Darth Daddy

If someone asked me a few months ago, if I planned on making the Nik Sant action figure anytime soon, my answer most likely would have been, no.  Maybe at some point I would have gotten to it, but because of a comment Star Wars Rebels producer Dave Filoni made back in March of this year in which he stated that Captain Rex was the white bearded Endor Rebel soldier that we watched in Return of the Jedi, once affectionately referred to as Nik Sant by fans due to his resemblance to Saint Nick; suddenly, the desire to create this version of him in plastic shot right to the top of the list of things I wanted to get done!

Rex was one of the coolest characters to come out of The Clone Wars television series.  The idea that Rex lived to fight on Endor and had front row seats to the destruction of the second Death Star just warms the heart.

I actually bid on an action figure version of him on eBay right after the story dropped. The price went over a $100, and I gracefully bowed out knowing I could make a No-Paint-Kit-Bash replica that was exactly like the one in the auction for about $40.  Maybe even for less if I still had some of the parts I needed in my fodder.

To make this custom action figure, I used the hat and body of the 1st Release 2010 Star Wars Vintage Collection - Return Of The Jedi  Endor Rebel Soldier. The vest and backpack I grabbed off an extra 1st version of the Endor Rebel Soldier from the 2002 Star Wars Return Of The Jedi SAGA collection. Lastly, the head I popped off the Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade - Templar Knight action figure.

All it took was a wardrobe change and headswap to make this great looking figure!

created by Darth Daddy