Sunday, November 6, 2016

"Princess Leia - Boushh" Hand Swap by Customs for the Kid

If you are like us, and you really miss the removable thermal detonator from the 2006 Saga Collection Princess Leia Boushh figure well it only takes a quick hand swap to give the newer Black Series version of the character that cool touch to give her the look that you want.  

We even added a silver chain to the new Black Series Chewbacca with improved articulation to update the prisoner version of the figure until we have time to redo the head sculpt so it includes the dog collar.  Stay tuned for the new headsculpt , because it will definitely be coming sometime soon. Until then enjoy the benefits of the swapped out parts to give your current figures that little extra something that makes your collection display that much better.

"Princess Leia Boushh" 
Hand Swap 
by Customs for the Kid

Come back soon to see an improved headsculpt complete with dog collar.