Sunday, February 26, 2017

Sneekpick Customs Studio added to "Customs I Wish I Owned"

Based out of California, Sneekpick Custom Studio started about six years ago. Inspired by a love for action figures, and for the lack of characters that we really wanted to see in the market with no chance they would be made, Sneekpick tried their best to fill in the gaps in our collections with  the help of friends and clients from all over the world. Sneekpick Custom Studio is pretty confident that they can make any character that you can imagine. While they hold a special love for the Star wars Universe, they also love G.I. Joe, DC, Marvel, Robotech, and Call of Duty among many others. They take very seriously every commission they receive, and try to represent each character as closely to the original as possible, working in the small details and articulation to make sure that at the end you are happy with the custom figure that you receive from them. 

Sneekpick loves the creative process, the design, the building, painting and the passion! Just head to their Facebook page for all inquiries!

Sneekpick Custom Studio