Friday, February 17, 2017


This custom was made from a resin cast figure produced by Hole In The Ground Productions that Elias had received as a gift for Christmas.  This past weekend, Elias took the time to add a custom paint job to the casted figure so he could add the new addition to his Jawa display of his collection here at home.  He painted it with Citadel's Chainmail, Mithril Silver and Gunmetal paints.  To get the rust effect, he sprayed the figure with Testors Dullcote Spray, sprinkled some Cinnamon onto the figure from our spice drawer, and then recoated the figure a second time with the Dullcote to lock in the weathered look.

Elias saw some hosing in a still shot we screen grabbed from the film that he wanted to add to the cast.  He found a skinny black hose from our fodder and used some wiring from a twisty tie to position the hose in the desired position before gluing it into place.

We really love Hole In The Ground Productions offerings as of late.  They have really enhanced the look of our collection shelves.  We highly recommend checking out their webstore to see if there is anything you see to add to your own collections.

created by ELIAS