Wednesday, November 15, 2017

"REBEL HOVER CRATES" created by Kyp Durron

The other day we received an email from fellow customizer Kyp Durron who sent us some digital files of "Rebels Hover Crate" Papercraft that he made. 

In his email, he stated that he'd like to let us be the first to test them out. 

He said he used to print out his own set of hover crates, and left the "fit picture to frame" box checked/ticked. This prints the hover crate and accessory page out in 1:18th scale. Files like the propaganda posters, props, and the walls and floors are all supposed to be printed out with the "fit to frame" left OFF. 

He made all on-screen versions he was able to find (standard brown/tan, Imperial grey, and Fulcrum Green). Plus he made several custom colors to represent various contents. 

The Custom ones are:

Blue = Aquatic foodstuffs and supplies. Like fish, chum, liquids, etc. 

White = Medical supplies like Bacta. 

Yellow = Hazardous materials like radioactive or bio hazard. 

Light Brown = Clothing and linens. 

He also made an accessory page that has squares for meilooruns, jogans, pistols, rifles, credits, and spice. This page includes racks that can hold the various pieces much like the racks seen in the first episode. And four extra foot pegs to help give the bottom of the crate definition. Kyp Durron even included a rough draft version of the credit boxes that Vizago, Hondo, and Lando are seen using. 

Each of the crates has the option to have a folding top or a removable top and there's an insert for the interior of the crate. He's working on some additions, so the lid to have an insert, as well as designs for other supply accessories. 

It's easy to add cardstock (cereal box material) to the crates to strengthen them, but the insert does make them sturdy enough for display purposes. 

He hopes you all enjoy these crates, and we'd all love to see them used in some of your dioramas too. Send all your diorama pictures that utilize these crates to so we can put together a nice little video compilation of all the dioramas that were inspired by Kyp Durron's hard work!


The crates have had their Credit cases updated and the button panel added to make it more 3D.

He even made a new crate using an old WOTC free printout with crates in scale for the Star Wars miniatures. He then scaled it up and made it a single crate instead of the double one the Death Star scanning crew uses.

One page is a Sabacc deck, credits, credit cases, a Djerik Table Top(wip), and some spice for the crates. He used a fan made sabacc deck and scaled each card down. Cut them out, add glue, and fold them over. They're small, but you can tell that which suit they are. And the credit squares can be glued together to cut out individual credits. But these will be really small and easily lost.

There's a page that is a set of Topographic maps from a GI Joe papercraft site. He rescaled them and put them all on one page. I figure these are useful in certain dioramas/displays.

There are a couple of propaganda pages with wanted posters and advertisements. Some are correctly in Aurebesh while some are still in English. He's working on the English ones to make them in Aurebesh.

One page is a set of posters that has the translations on the left side. Another page is shop signs and their translations. The shop signs should probably be scaled up though.

He's even included files for the Yavin Base floors and walls as well as the floor from Hera's home. These are all from the assets and can be used to make diorama's/displays.

He also took the Puffer Pig crate you posted a while back and scaled it to print out in scale with Paint.Net.

His favorite page that he included is the props page. It includes: datapads for both Rebels and Imperials, baby blankets, blue milk cartons, space waffles and plates, Hera's Kalikori (requires skill and patience to assemble), factory ID's in multiple colors, Tooka dolls in multiple colors, credit and gem cases, some Atollon Spider eggs, and a random panel made from the Gonk Droid asset.

created by Kyp Durron

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