Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Here's Dad's action figures of Darth Vader's Clones which he has now finally completed. These two action figures were posted before as works in progress. Now Dad has added his finishing touches by sculpting embellishments on the Apprentice's clothing and painting him in variations of black. Vader's Clones are now ready for the unveiling.


Palpatine being the opportunist that he is, saw an opportunity to clone Anakin Skywalker when he was injured on Mustafar. Hoping that the power of the Chosen One was hidden somewhere in his DNA, Palpatine saw his chance to clone Skywalker as one not to be missed. Knowing that Skywalker's injury would prevent Vader from ever reaching his full potential as a Sith, Palpatine hoped that one day one of these clones would replace Lord Vader at his side as his new Sith apprentice once their training was complete. Due to several complications in the cloning process, only one clone was known to successfully complete the cloning process and be trained by Palpatine. The clone that was trained later destroyed the facility where Vader was being replicated knowing it would be his best chance for domination and survival, but not before he took a clone for himself to train as an apprentice. Ironically, the destruction of the cloning facility did not go as planned and both clones took heavy injuries in their escape. Both of their lungs were completely damaged and they, like Vader were forced to breath with the assistance of filtered air. Unlike Vader, they still had their limbs and thus had the ability to use Force lightening. When Palpatine and Darth Vader were killed over the moon of Endor, these clones survived in exile waiting to unleash the power of the Darkside once more.


Hope they were worth the wait...

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