Friday, September 11, 2015

Customizer Spotlight Update: "Tantive IV Passageway" created by Boutros77

Earlier in the summer, we showcased two really beautiful Star Wars dioramas we purchased on eBay.  One was Ben's House and the other was Yoda's Hut.  They were both created by artist Carl BouMansour who goes by the handle Boutros77.

His talent has caught the eye of Star Wars blogger/historian Tim Veekhoven who tweeted the artist's work, and Boutros77 has been interviewed by From 4-LOM to  His Cantina and Jabba's Palace dioramas have gotten some serious attention too.

A few weeks after we wrote our feature on the new additions to our collection, we had the opportunity to add another one of Boutros77's dioramas to our shelves. This time the display was of the inner passageways of the Tantive IV ship that carried Princess Leia and the Death Star plans.

The craftsmanship on this piece is most impressive. The opening and closing door feature is strong and sturdy, and we really love that one of the wall panels can be removed to increase the angles from which you can take photographs. These design choices really increase playability. The tabs that were engineered to hold the removable wall in place are just some of the fine details that make this a top shelf piece.

We advise checking out Boutros77's Flickr page.  Drool worthy!

"Tantive IV Passageway"
created by Boutros77

 Grooves and a tab are present to keep the removable wall firmly in place when completely assembled.

 The tab near the top locks the wall in position.

Flickr Page:

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