Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Stan has done something that we have been wanting to accomplish for a long time, fill in a Mos Eisley Cantina and Jabba Palace display with many of the unreleased characters that were never turned into action figures. He even took some of the characters that had been released and improved upon them by adding articulation and more screen accuracy.  We have been slowing adding some of these figures to our collection and hope to fill in our shelves as well as Stan has with his collection.

We had the pleasure of becoming friends with this Star Wars custom action figure artist earlier this year and we are really impressed with his creations. Recently, he started making some head casts of some of his original sculpts and sent some samples to some of us in the customizing community.  We were big fans of the Tzizvvt and Atheloe head sculpts that we received, and we highly recommend following this artist's work as he continues to create his noteworthy contributions!


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