Tuesday, August 14, 2018

SEASON 3 "SABINE WREN" Custom Action Figure created by ELIAS

This is definitely the most difficult paint job I think I have ever had to do. Between the wing pattern on the jetpack, and the convor on the shoulder pad, the extremely small details were quite the challenge. All the hard work only made me love the action figure more when I finally completed her. I chose not to add articulation to this figure, because in the end, I thought adding articulation might hurt the final product more than it would help it. The joints I had available were just too big to add to the skinny frame and would have ruined her silhouette.

I had to completely resculpt Sabine's hair and add armor to her shins. I also had to do some modifications to tailor fit Commander Cody's jetpack to my Sabine figure. I then utilized magnets to make the jetpack attach to her back so it had the option of being removable.

She came a long way from the Season 2 Sabine Wren action figure we received from Hasbro and I couldn't be happier with the results!

 Custom Action Figure 
created by Elias


 Season One "Sabine Wren" created by Darth Daddy
Season 2 "Sabine Wren" by Elias

Season One "Sabine Wren" created by Darth Daddy & Elias
Season 2 "Sabine Wren" by Elias

Season One "Sabine Wren" 
by Darth Daddy

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