Monday, October 4, 2010



Hello again and welcome once more to another edition of Customizer Spotlight. This time around, we are showcasing a custom Juno Eclipse action figure made by Insidious Customs. Eric LeFeber is a professional toy designer, game designer and marketer with over 13 years in the entertainment industry. When he's not creating new products for the top toy and game companies, he makes them for himself. He also has items for sale at his Etsy shop or on ebay auctions which we have posted at the links below. If you have something special in mind, you can even contact him for a commission.


Although Insidious Customs loved the Toys R Us exclusive box sets of figures, he still felt that Hasbro didn't get Juno Eclipse right. So in anticipation of The Force Unleashed 2 video game being released later this month, he created another Juno Eclipse and this time she's even better.

He used the new box set version of Juno as a base, replaced her long sleeved arms with custom sculpted shorter sleeve arms, sculpted that disheveled hairdo she had when she kissed the Starkiller for the first/last time, and then repainted the whole figure.

Read Insidious Customs own review of this action figure at his blog located here:

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If you are interested in having a commission piece made you can reach him by email at: