Sunday, October 17, 2010

Clone Cadets: Customized with Dad's Birthday Present

Dad just had his birthday, and as a present, I got him a DREMEL tool so he can make me even cooler customs. Our first two Clone Trooper Cadet customs were his first creation using the DREMEL tool. He grinded and sanded down the heads of two Boba Fett figures we had gotten from the "new" Toys R' Us Ultimate Battle Pack and created two different hairstyles on the figures. When he was done, he painted them up to make them look as they appear below.

A few years later, I made my own two Clone Cadets from resin cast heads that Dad created using a mold from a sanded down Boba Fett head. I used some Aves Fixit and some ProCreate to scukpt my two additions.


created by Customs for the Kid

Dad was going to give the one on the left a crew cut, but I asked him to make his hair look like Commander Gree instead.