Thursday, November 25, 2010


Dad's latest custom was inspired by an Ubese action figure created by Yak_Chewie. Dad says he really likes the way his custom action figure came out, but he likes the Ubese action figure that was made by Yak_Chewie much better. Yak_Chewie's paint application is just so well done. Instead of copying Yak_Chewie's action figure, Dad decided to make a faster and less detailed version of the figure that I think still captures what it is that makes this action figure cool.

Dad made this custom from a G.I. Joe Snake Eyes (Paris Pursuit) action figure, a head of an unknown G.I. Joe action figure, and the helmet/mask of the new Princess Leia in Boush disguise that you can find all over retail stores now.

It was an extremely quick custom to make and way too much fun to to not take the effort to have it in our collection.



This Ubese custom action figure created by Yak_Chewie was the inspiration for Dad's latest creation. Dad loved the way Yak_Chewie combined the long hooded jacket with the Ubese helmet. Dad knew as soon as he saw it that he wanted to make one too. You can see more from Yak_Chewie in our "Customs I Wish I Owned" page.

"Customs I Wish I Owned" page: