Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tutorial: Five Minute Custom Modification for Your Clone Wars Young Boba Fett Action Figure

Hasbro's Clone Wars version of a young Boba Fett is by far one of the coolest action figures to come out of that line. Any collector or child is bound to have a load of fun with an action figure as good as this one with all the great articulation that it has to offer.

Recently while browsing through Imperial Shipyards, Dad came across a custom action figure made by customizer SPUDAFETT that just blew him away and he knew he wanted to make something similar. When Dad looked at SPUDAFETT's custom Young Boba Fett, he knew that SPUDAFETT nailed it. The figure had all the bells and whistles. When Dad took a look at it he thought that this was a custom that everybody would want. Then he thought that not everybody would feel that they had the knowledge or skills to be able to create it, so he figured what if he showed everyone a way to make a substandard version of that figure that required no dremel and no paint application that even a beginning customizer could tackle.

Dad's figure would only require the customizer to use a Clone Wars Mace Windu head, a Boba Fett helmet from the new Vintage line, a sharp knife, krazy glue, and 5 minutes of their time. In return, they would get a second interchangeable head for their Clone Wars Young Boba Fett action figure.

To create it, Dad cut the Clone Wars Mace Windu head just above the eyes, popped the head onto the torso of the Clone Wars Young Boba Fett action figure. Placed the Boba Fett helmet from the new Vintage line onto what was left of the Mace Windu head and krazy glued the head into the helmet in the desired position. Use your last four minutes to hold the helmet in place and let the krazy glue dry. Just be careful when applying the glue that you don't glue the head to the torso so the head maintains its articulation and remains interchangeable. Once the glue is dry, you're done. You now have a young Boba Fett sporting the iconic helmet that we all know and love. The great part is that the custom modification requires no paint since the helmet already matches the backpack.


The Clone Wars Young Boba Fett action figure with the new interchangeable customized head.

The Clone Wars Young Boba Fett action figure with original head.

The Mace Windu head, cut and glued to the helmet of the Vinatge Boba Fett that is in stores now. I love the irony of using the Mace Windu head to make this custom. But come on, we all know Windu is in Boba's head anyway.

Be sure not to glue the head to the torso to maintain the heads articulation.

This custom makes it so you can have the action figure with and without a helmet. A great custom for beginners.


It's easy to see how this action figure can inspire.

SPUDAFETT made the deluxe version of the figure with a crisp paint application, gauntlets, cape, and a custom missile in the jetpack.

SPUDAFETT even upped the game by making the helmet removable by removing some of Boba's hair.

The hair removal isn't even noticeable.

You can see more custom action figures created by SPUDAFETT at these three links:;topicseen