Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Clint Conrad, known as Clonehead at, has been a Star Wars custom maker for about 5-6 years now. He got into doing Star Wars customs when trying to promote his ebay store, he noticed how much hype and traffic that other seller's Star Wars custom figures and vehicles were getting. Being a lover of plastic modeling in his youth, especially of military armor models, clint figured that he could put his painting and building skills to the test and try to make a custom figure to sell on ebay. Well, the experiment worked and within a year he had made and sold at least 100 customs "some with dioramas" to buyers in at least 30 different countries. 4-5 years ago, a buyer directed clint to a star wars collecting and custom forum where he posted alot of work and met the admin of the future imperialshipyards where he was invited to form and moderate the customs and diorama boards when the site was created.

Sometime before the Imperial Shipyards site was born, Clint was having a hard time finding some of the parts from hard to find figures that he wanted to incorporate into his customs so, having a little knowledge of molding and casting from his military modeling days, Clint started making parts to use on his custom figures. It wasn't too long after that Clint decided to start selling his castings to the other custom makers and has ever since. You can find auctions for these parts in his ebay store and now at his resin parts for sale thread at


Clint has posted custom work at several sites but as moderator, considers himself at home at the shipyards where he has placed pics and wip commentary in his custom figures reloaded thread, his Clonehead's custom figures #2 thread, and in his Clonehead's dioramas thread, all at