Saturday, April 9, 2011

Dad's Pirate Swoop Bike: March 2011 Build Your Own Mini-Rig Contest Entry

Pirate Swoop Bike

It was a real labor of love. Dad easily put in more than 40 hours of work into this one. He made this speeder bike from an Operation Rex toy that he saw in Target on the day that the contest was announced. After that it was all fodder. An everything but the kitchen sink affair. Constructing it was an effort that was much enjoyed. He tried to make the mini rig toy he would have wanted the most when he was a kid. He would have preferred to make the vehicle heavily weathered, but I asked him to keep it brighter.

Dad sculpted most of the controls, spare the Vader control pad. He also sculpted the around grill and the front window. Oh... and the cushioned seating, yeah, that's sculpted too.

After that fodder galore. An A-team special if you will. A beater, clunker, jalopy, hooptie. Look at your fodder and see more than what the object was meant to represent and envision what it could become with a little imagination. The grill and window were made from a G.I. Joe radar dish Dad found in my fodder. The front axles were made from two yellow missiles and a Momaw Nadon staff that sculpted Apoxie Sculpt hydraulic shocks fastened to what once were guns that he can't identify, but we saw on Luke Sprywalker's incredibely cool contest entry. The nose of the speeder bike was made from a Hulk Battle Axe that is from the Hulk action figure everyone was turning into a Gamorean gladiator recently, as well as, a gold plastic mask that was in a fodder bag that we got on Ebay. The antennas at the rear are made from a Mas Ameda staff and the bottom of an Indiana Jones torch. Dad even attached the long white tube from a krazy glue container to the bottom and painted it purple to give the vehicle the shape that he wanted. Two hilts from the Prince of Persia toy line are attached to the front of the pod with removable swords. The Robonino backpack is removable and all his accessories are included and the vibroaxe is fastened with a clear rubber band. The tail fin is also unidentified fodder and is sculpted in place. The leg straps that hang down came from the guns that now hold the axle and nose in place. A pen was cut and painted to attach the missile to the bike and both the missile and pen cap are removable. A Mandolorian shield is at the rear. The engine and fire attached at the bottom are both adjustable as well as removable. After that it was all custom painted and dressed up .

The two custom action figures that may live out there days in Star Wars, but they were definitely created by a desire to have some Dreadnoks for Dad when I ask him to play with me. I have no interest in Joes, but the Dreadnoks were Dad's favorite action figures growing up. I think a lot of Dad's customs are influenced by his love for those action figures. Dad remembers when he got his first one , a Buzzer, as the toy was getting paid for at the counter he said his knees started to shake because he was so excited. The toy created involuntary responses in him!! Now that's toy making. The pirates of Star Wars are the Dreadnoks of Joe.

So the Driver was created from a Koffi Arana action figure, a Star Wars drummer that was in Jabba's Palace whose name we can't remember at the moment and fodder, fodder, fodder with an Apoxie Sculpt beard.

The Gunner was made from a Pirates of the Caribbean Marty action figure with Apoxie Scupt hair and a Vintage Yoda robe. Unfortunately, Dad dropped the gun he had for him behind the couch. He would look awesome hanging from those leg straps in numerous different configurations. He was made to hang about.

Pirate Swoop Bike

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