Tuesday, May 31, 2011


To celebrate Day 2 of BugSkirt's Jedi Week we are doing a feature of his work that is being added to our "Star Wars: Customs I Wish I Owned" page. Dad has been a long time fan of BugSkirt ever since he first started to scour the forums to see what people were making. We have been following his blog ever since we started our own and we can tell you his customs are nothing short of amazing. BugSkirt kills his audience with creativity showing them action figures you just don't see anywhere else. We're still trying to figure out what he used for his heads.

Be sure to click on the Jedi Week banner below to see Jedi #2 in his feature this week.

Florida-based action figure customizer BugSkirt, or John as most folks know him, has been a Star Wars fan since the summer of 1977. The Florida sun and cousins wiped out his original Kenner toys, but he began figure collecting again with the arrival of the POTF2 toys. He started tinkering with custom figures around 2005 and the hobby has increasingly become a focus of limited spare time.


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Jedi from Day #1 of Jedi Week: Master Borget Meegar, Kadas'sa' Nikto from Kintan
Created by BugSkirt

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