Sunday, May 15, 2011

Customizer Spotlight #14: Wraithnine

Wraithnine is a 40 year old customizer from the southeast coast of Essex, UK who has been customizing Star Wars figures and vehicles for about 3 1/2 years now. He mainly creates custom action figures of astromechs and clone troopers, but along with the astromech we purchased, we were able to obtain some awesome looking Mandalorians that he recently created too. Wraithnine not only spends his time customizing, he also reviews Star Wars products on Youtube under the name Rasputin37. Wraithnine is currently a moderator on and has been a die hard Star Wars fan since '77 . When we saw these figures for sale on Imperial Shipyards, we knew we wanted to add them to our collection.


Wraithnine is well known for his custom astromechs and it isn't hard to see why.

We love Wraithnine's use of water slide decals to enhance his custom action figures. He did a great job using water slide decals on the head of this astromech.

R7-A4 was turned into a trading card by Kessel Run Imports.


These Mandos are awesome. Great paint applications and again masterful use of the water slide decals.


It's cool to see how Wraithnine used the Pre Vizsla action figure to create two totally unique action figures.

Mandalorian Bounty Hunter
Kel Sha'rak

See these action figures that we own in Episode 7 of the Kessel Run Review.

These next two droids were both created by Star Wars action figure customizer Wraithnine.  When Dad heard that Wraithnine was selling the R2-C2 that he created, Dad thought it would be cool if we gave him a home next to the Ziro the Hutt that he created.  Dad bought him right away as a birthday present for my ninth birthday back in October. 

What's even cooler was that Wraithnine sent me a R2-T8 astromech as a birthday gift from him.  Thanks so much Jay! That was very generous of you.  The droid is a shining example of why you are the astromech king! I love seeing Ziro and R2-C2 next to each other.  Your droids make my room seem magical.

 "Ziro's Droid R2-C2"
created by Wraithnine

"Ziro the Hutt" created by Darth Daddy

created by Wraithnine

created by Wraithnine 
So I have added D-Squad to my collection thanks to the "Astromech King". Yes, Star Wars customizer Wraithnine recently created the five-member droid squad formed by the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars, that consisted of QT-KT, U9-C4, R2-D2, M5-BZ, and Corporal WAC-47. Led by Colonel Meebur Gascon, D-Squad was sent to steal an encryption module from a Providence-class carrier/destroyer. This fun group appeared on Star Wars: The Clone Wars in the following episodes: "Secret Weapons", "A Sunny Day in the Void", "Missing in Action" and "Point of No Return". These episodes were a lot of fun to watch. These figures are really special to me because I was interviewed on the Voice of the Republic podcast with Dad the same night voice actor Ben Drisdin (WAC-47) was interviewed and I got to talk with Ben that night.  WAC-47 was my favorite character from those episodes and it's really cool that I was able to add this whole set of droids to my collection.

& Colonel Meebur Gascon
created by Wraithnine
created by Wraithnine

created by Wraithnine

created by Wraithnine

created by Wraithnine

Star Wars customizer Wraithnine's 501st troopers: (from left to right) Dogma, Hardcase, Jesse, Tup,  and Kix.

You can see more custom action figures from Wraithnine here on Imperial Shipyards:

Wraithnine has a channel on Youtube under the name of Rasputin37 that you can find here:

He posts as Wraithnine on here: