Sunday, May 8, 2011


These Ewok elders are three of the oldest Ewoks in the village, as well as their best remembered warriors. Because most Ewoks do not live to be so old, we thought it would be fun to tell you a short tale about each one so that in their passing their memory will live on.

Twirly was best known for his signature mustache. He was known to be an eccentric, but was one fierce warrior. Before fading into retirement, he was in charge of the Ewoks military forces. At the Battle of Endor it was said that even in his old age Twirly had taken the lives of 63 stormtroopers singlehandedly.

Ghost was the only albino Ewok to ever be born in his village. When he was conceived, the village was sure that he would quickly perish due to his coloring and his inability to hide from the predators of the forest. To protect him, his parents kept him isolated and hidden in their hut in hopes it would keep him safe. He would watch the other children play and wished that one day he could too. During the day, he would entertain himself by watching the bird like creatures of the forest soar through the air and wished that he too could just fly away. Then one day, that is just what he did. He used a bunch of household items to construct the first ever Ewok hang glider. The other Ewoks were amazed, because they had never conceived that they could take to the air. Ghost built his hang glider in the image of a large bird like creature that was known to fly through the forest and feed upon the members of the Ewok village. From that day forward, Ghost would spend his time flying high up above and when he would see one of these large beings lunging toward a member of his community he would dive down with a spear in hand and remove all danger to his companions. He later constructed a mask with the fowl's face to better blend in with them as he soared up above. He later trained other Ewoks to fly in hang gliders to keep watch over the village when he could not and later led them into war at the Battle of Endor. Sadly Ghost did not survive the event, but his contributions to the village were never forgotten.

Longbeard was well known throughout the village because he wore two long sharp nails atop his head as a trophy to remember the day he saved the village from an all out slaughter at the hands of one enormous hungry beast. Although it happened in his younger years, Longbeard was admired for his bravery for he was able to cut off two digits from the creature with a fellow Ewok's axe and sent the creature running away, never to return.


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