Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Custom Trading Cards by Kessel Run Imports

Kessel Run Imports has created trading card sets for the Imperial Shipyards, Luke Sprywalker and the Kessel Run Review with artwork on the cards backside done by boettcherART.

Now he is making this introductory offer to customizers who would like unique card sets of their work. Along with the right to sell additional copies of the sets, KRI is offering these custom designs for just $50. This includes, the design of 6 cards with back face image puzzle using photos of your work, and one hand assembled and cut copy of the card set. Additional sets are $7 each.

Also the following cards sets are available:

Kessel Run Review with Wookielover1138 - Set 1 - $7

Luke Sprywalker - Set 1: Bounty Hunters - $7

If you are interested in any of these offers please contact:

Or send a message to KesselRunImports on the Yards.

Dad and I were really honored to have our custom action figure "Rebekkah" featured on card #7.