Sunday, May 1, 2011

Kessel Run Review - Episode 10

If you have been reading our blog for the last few months, you probably have noticed the posts we have been doing of Kessel Run Review. Kessel Run Review is a Youtube show produced by two people, Wookielover1138 and Kessel Run Imports. Their goal is to reach as many Star Wars fans as possible with their awesome new show. Initially they started just doing reviews for fun, but the show quickly grew to where customs and art became a large part of the presentation. The review show is further enhanced by comedic shorts that are just fantastic. They both do the writing and voice-overs, but Kessel Run Imports does all the video and graphics. Both are long time Star Wars fans and customizers themselves. They spend most weeknights working on the show and they have been having a great time. The team started off as best friends and roommates before they were an item and if you ask us they make one great team.

Kessel Run Imports started customizing in 1994 when he made a custom Spawn for a contest in Wizard Magazine in 1994. Then he dabbled around with some sculpting, but didn't do another custom until he made the Geonosian Catacombs Padme in 2009. He later created the Star Wars photocomic fan films Aperture's Eye and Vanishing Point which took about 2 months of free time to make. Although, Aperture's Eye was much more involved taking a whole month just to create the two 3-D scenes. Kessel Run Imports doesn't have any new films in the works at the moment, but his current project is making Trading Card Sets of Customizers.

Be sure to check out the website below to see the photocomics Aperture's Eye and Vanishing Point and their Star Wars custom action figures.

Kessel Run Review - Episode 10

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We are happy to announce that the future episodes of Kessel Run Review will have a permanent home here at Customs for the Kid when Season 2 begins. Be sure to subscribe at the Youtube page so these two will have the ability to make longer episodes as their subscriptions increase.