Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Kitonak Gladiator

created by Darth Daddy

Dad used a Marvel Skaar action figure for the body and a Droopy McCool head and hands to complete this action figure.

He liked the tattoos on the original figure so he incorporated the design into the figure.

Dad's tribute figure to Dan of the Dead's "Fez Xik" action figure. If it weren't for Dan's "Princess Bride" themed action figure, Dad would have never thought to create a Kitonak of such size.


The two gladiators a week before their battle.

These two gladiators fought together as a team in many battles and were always victorious. It was said that watching them work together to defeat their opponents was like seeing a ballet. They acted with such precision that they easily took apart even the biggest of threats. With a lack of worthy opponents, it was only a matter of time before they would have to meet each other face to face in battle. Surprisingly, when the Kitonak gladiator defeated his Gamorrean friend, the crowd actually granted the Gamorrean mercy for the showing that the two had put on that day. Their meeting in the arena was so sensational that the story was passed down in Geonosian history for generations to come. It would be the only time these two would face each other in fact. They fought together as a team for years after the memorable event took place, but just around the time when the crowd was getting hungry for a rematch, the two both disappeared overnight. It's said outside of Geonosis... that on that night, the two defeated their most challenging opponent ever...the life of being slave, and with their escape... together, they won, their freedom. Searches were made, but they were never found, making one wonder if they ever escaped at all.


Dad's "KITONAK GLADIATOR" featured in Echo Base News' "Customizer Spotlight"