Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Kevin, or SWK KUSTOMS / kr2700, is a customizer we introduced you to in our Customizer Spotlight #3 with his Vergere action figure. When he sent us some more images of his custom action figures, it was only natural that we feature him on our Customs I Wish I Owned page as well. He started making custom Star Wars figures in 2007. He said his wife Lynn bought him a Han Solo figure as a birthday gift. “You should always get at least one toy on your birthday,” she said.

His own collection started shortly after. He thought about making a battle mock up of 100-200 Jedi and Sith, a scene that he imagined would be in the Clone Wars! The prequels went down a different path however…

Soon he had around 50 custom Jedi & 50 Sith (Jedi spray painted black). A few months later he began to get bored with just doing simple figures, so he started to experiment. He went through a phase where he made a lot of alien Jedi . He also did more interesting Sith Lords. Lynn then suggested that people might be interested in his figures, so he put some on eBay and his new hobby started to generate some interest!

Now four years later & around 300 customs under his belt, SWK KUSTOMS specializes in fully articulated figures!

SWK KUSTOMS (kr2700)

SWK Kustoms creates fully articulated and detailed Custom 4” figures. Star Wars, Star Trek, DC, Marvel or anything you can think of. With SWK you can also become your favorite character as well: Jedi, Sith, Storm trooper, Mandalorian and much more. Figures can be purchased upon request. Price is based on how hard the piece is to make, usually between $50-150. All figures come with specialized weapons or gear & name plate stands.

Add an SWK action figure to your collection today!

Visit him on facebook: www.facebook.com/swkustoms

Email him at SWK1138@yahoo.com for a quote.