Saturday, May 26, 2012

CAFN Episode 27- CAFN Roundtable - Parts Casting Masters


Custom Action Figure News' first run at the roundtable hit a few glitches, and unfortunately, never saw the light of day. We have a feeling it was really awesome, but since both of their recorders crapped out, the world will never know.  Originally Remco of Incom's Customs and Doc Outlands participated on the roundtable, but they weren't available to come back for the redo. Good news is CAFN's new recorder seems to be awesome and they are back in business. Thankfully, Sith_fire30 and Clonehead were still available for the second attempt. If they could not have come on there would have no roundtable.  We here at CFTK were super happy to listen to this particular episode because it focused on the latest aspect of action figure customizing that we are looking to add to our repertoire.


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