Monday, October 15, 2012

Wookie-Balls added to "Customs I Wish I Owned"

"LE-BO2D9 aka Leebo" 
created by Wookie-Balls

Ray, Wookie-Balls, is 37 (just) and lives in Buckinghamshire in the UK. He is a lifelong Star Wars fan having first seen the movie projected in his own bedroom wall in Berlin in 1978 (the joys of being an army brat.)

He works in London - but lives in the countryside with his wife (another Star Wars fan and Gamer!) and his Dog Halo (beamed after a 2000AD character.)  He enjoys SciFi, GMing RPGs (SW, Aliens and Supernatural.)

Customizing wise - he prefers the realistic style of figures over CW ones. His projects have included "A Clone squad (The 349th)", an all new Shadows of the Empire Line, Expanded Universe New Jedi Order figures and some Star Wars crossovers including 2000AD and the Centurions!

Rays other major hobby is the restoration of classic Kenner Star Wars toys - he started with his own much loved figures and ships and has since moved on to rescuing beaters that he discovers on his travels.

Ray has completed commission work for collectors however his pieces are for display rather than play! He can be contacted at


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