Sunday, November 4, 2012


He everyone.  So we haven't done a post in a while that features custom action figures created here in the home.  We are working on some though.  October tends to be a busy month around the house so life overwhelmed us more than usual and we fell behind on our posts.  Anyway, here is what we have got going right now.  This weekend we got started on our Secret Santa figures that we will be giving away once they are completed to the recipients we received by email from both and  So here is what we have going so far.  Dad is building two zombie alien figures for the Yakface Secret Santa and a Twi'lek he is working on for the Imperial Shipyards Secret Santa.  I'm working on an alien for the Imperial Shipyards Secret Santa too.  The Imperial Shipyard Secret Santa figures are still in the build stage and aren't even finished being kitbashed yet.  Dad has to start his sculpting work on his zombies still, but he is off to a good start with the build and with creating his paint scheme that he is going to use.  Take a look at what we have started and we hope to have at least one finished figure for you next week and possibly one more "new" figure added that will also be part of the Secret Santa giveaway.

Secret Santa Figures (WIP)
by Darth Daddy & Elias

Custom figures we are currently working on for our Secret Santa recipients.

Abyssin Zombie (WIP)
by Darth Daddy

Dad just has to do some sculpting around the mouth to finish this figure.  This will probably be the first completed figure since he has so much done already.

Vurk Zombie (WIP)
by Darth Daddy

Dad finished all the conceptual work on this one, but he has to do sculpting work on the face and arms before he can go and finish the paint job.

Cantina Alien
by Elias

 All I need to do is paint this guy to wrap him up.

Twi'lek (WIP)
by Darth Daddy

  This guy needs lots of sculpt work and the entire paint job before he can be labeled as finished.  Dad hasn't even completed kitbashing him yet.  This figure is the one that is furthest from being wrapped up.