Sunday, December 16, 2012

Yakface Secret Santa 2012

So for the last three years now, Dad has been participating in's Secret Santa event.  It has always been a huge provider of Christmas spirit in our home and was a real influence on Dad's decision to run a Secret Santa over at Imperial Shipyards this year.  This year, Dad was assigned Star Wars customizer Justin Cook aka Chewie as the recipient of his holiday custom creations.  Chewie had us our first year participating in the event and he was kind enough to send us two custom action figures rather than just the single required figure the event promoted.  

Dad wanted to return the favor when he participated in this year's event.  Because Chewie was a fan of Dad's zombie custom action figures and hints that Chewie dropped regarding his upcoming New Enloe Photonovel Chapter, Dad thought Justin would appreciate two unique Star Wars zombies.  Dad was really excited, and a little intimidated about creating custom action figures for one of his all-time  favorite Star Wars customizers.  Dad was thrilled when Chewie said he received the action figures and loved them.  Keep your eyes peeled in future chapters of Chewie's photonovel.  You may just see these guys in a chapter featuring the undead.

Abyssin & Vurk Zombies
created by Darth Daddy

Below are the recipes for the custom action figures Dad created presented in "Chewie" fashion:

Vurk Zombie Recipe:
Head - Defective Coleman Trebor head cast courtesy of SithHappens
Forearms and Lower Legs - VOTC Dengar
Torso, Thighs and Upper Arms - VOTC Bossk

Abyssin Zombie Recipe:
Head -Defective Myo head cast courtesy of SithHappens
Torso and Arms - Clone Wars (Homer Simpson) Savage Opress
Legs - Elis Helrot 
Shirt - POTC Zombie

 Chewie's Seekers of the Dark Relic Photonovel features Darth Daddy's "Vurk Zombie"

Dad's Secret Santa Zombies were featured on the front page of Imperial Shipyards.