Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Quantum 7 customs added to "Customs I Wish I Owned"

We apologize for taking so long to do our post for February's "Customs I Wish I Owned" feature. Most especially to Quantum 7 customs for being so patient considering we spoke with him toward the beginning of the month. Dad was pretty busy working out a lot of details, organizing and preparing the Star Wars: Smuggler’s Gambit Custom Action Figure Contest that we are promoting with Jimmy MacInerney (Jimmy Mac) and Jason Swank of RebelForce Radio.  Hopefully showing the Quantum 7 customs feature now will give everyone a chance to see the range of custom action figures that can be created if you decide to participate.

Quantum 7 customs, ( a.k.a Joseph B. ), has been customizing action figures now for about 17 years. Most of Q7 's first custom work was focused around Star Wars after the re-release of the Power of the Force line in 1995. He first started off with just very simple repaints of these Star Wars figures and then graduated into the cut, glue & paint phase. Later, after discovering Super Sculpy, he moved into sculpting some of his figures.

In 2002, with the introduction of the Marvel Legends line Q7 began to turn his attention away from Star Wars and began customizing the newer, highly articulated Marvel  6 inch figures. He learned a lot during this time period and he would later use this new learned skill to return to his roots, Star Wars custom action figures. Carrying over what he learned from customizing larger action figures provided him greater ability to create more complex Star Wars customs.

Quantum 7 customs now customizes many different toy lines: Marvel Legends, Masters of the Universe Classics, GI Joe , DC Universe Classics, Marvel Universe 3 3/4'', but he will ALWAYS return to his first love, the line that got him into customizing, STAR WARS!! 

"I find so much inspiration in other artists work. There are some truly GREAT talents out there. I draw inspiration from all of them...and I might borrow a technique or two , LOL!"
- Quantum 7 customs

Quantum 7 customs

"I'm just a normal, run of the mill, average guy who loves toys and and art. I grew up in central Florida before I moved away when I was 27. I now reside in South Carolina where I have converted an entire room in my house to display my toy collection. It is in this room where I work diligently..."
- Quantum 7 customs

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