Friday, April 12, 2013

StarWarsGeek Custom Supply Shop

This weekend at Star Wars Spectacular, we got a visit from customizer Dave Castle aka StarWarsGeek who brought us some awesome samples of some casted heads that he sells at the StarWarsGeek Custom Supply Shop webstore! What you will find here for sale are custom cast parts and supplies for creating your own custom action figures. All parts are cast at his home studio. He will NEVER sell any parts that he feels are unusable. All parts are cast in opaque colors and may ship to you in any of the following colors: black, flesh, brown, white, blue, red, yellow, gray. (He can not take requests for specific colors at this time.)

You may remember the tutorials he made on molding and casting that we posted a ways back.  They are super informative.  Also be sure to check out his Youtube page and blog.