Tuesday, June 11, 2013


I was recently asked what my most unique custom action figure was.  I answered, "Read my next Customizer Spotlight."  Well here is the big reveal.  It's my Pulp Fiction Jedi: Julz Saywhat.  This action figure is something Dad got a kick out of, and added to my collection.  Move over Mace Windu.  Hunter Knight Customs makes some great movies for his figures.  Be sure to check out all his links.  This is one talented customizer that dabbles in multiple toy lines.

Pulp Fiction Jedi - Julz Saywhat
created by Hunter Knight Customs


Based on the awesome cult movie "Pulp Fiction" Chris “Hunter” Diaz made this awesome crossover figure, featuring one of the most iconic anti-heroes of pop culture and mixed it with Star Wars.

The result: the most unique action figure to ever grace your Star Wars collection!

Julz Saywat is a Jedi from earth, picked up by Han Solo when he was done "walking the earth like Kane in Kung Fu" He then was secretly trained in the Jedi temple of the New Jedi Order. Now in his first mission he faces a mission similar to the one given to him 17 years ago: Deliver a briefcase safely...

This figure includes a Lightsaber and a briefcase with secret contents inside! Only the winner of the auction will get to know what is inside!

From Hunter Knight Customs, a leading customizing studio with hundreds of custom action figures made. Their work has been showcased in Hollywood movies such as Sex Drive (we built a car for them) and MTV.

Pulp Fiction Jedi - Julz Saywhat
created by Hunter Knight Customs

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