Friday, September 8, 2017


This figure is currently not out in The Black Series vintage action figure line.  However it is sold with 5 points of articulation in the Elite Praetorian Guard two pack.  The two pack can be found in stores everywhere.  We found it on Force Friday at Toys-R-us.  We also found the BB-8 playset, featuring another Praetorian Guard and Snoke. How I could just go on and on about the playset, I just love that the set folds up into a life size BB-8.  Why articulate the figure you may ask?  Originally, I had The Black Series 3.75" Rey (Jakku) posed on the new playset where I was displaying my figures. Because of the articulation, I took advantage and positioned her so it appeared she was whacking a First Order Stormtrooper with her staff, and when I returned to my room I found that my Dad switched the figure I had there for the new Last Jedi Rey (Jedi Training) blandly holding up her staff in a stiff stance.  I thought to myself "No.  I'm not letting a figure look like that in my house."

I have to say the sculpts on this Last Jedi action figure line are exceptional, and would make great casting pieces.  But let's get back to Rey.  It's a shame that they havent announced her in The Black Series line, but could very well find this find figure in the Vintage line next year.  Lets keep our hopes up.

To make this figure, we used the torso, boots, hands, and head of the Rey (Jedi Training). The arms, and legs are from The Black Series Rey (Jakku), enabling splits and waist articulation.  While altering the torso to fit the arms, we unfortunately destroyed the Force Link audio chip.  Which leads us to the next thing, The Force Link. The Force Link has great play-ability!  If you purchase the Force Link Bracelet, you can use it to connect to the chip, and upon connection, it plays the audio programmed into the chip. Personally I think that this feature is a better alternative to the Build-A-Weapon pack-in. There is nothing more fun than having your action figure quote lines from the movie and feature some pretty impressive battle sounds as well.

created by Elias