Saturday, September 9, 2017

UPDATED: "1:18 scale U-Wing Build-It-Yourself-Kit" by thewriteguy

Not too long ago we featured the 1:18 scale U-Wing build-it-yourself-kit by thewriteguy, Howard Wen. He updated his online album with over 200 photos of the vehicle playset fully painted. Many of these pictures feature action figures of the entire Rogue One crew.

Also, this ship now has push-button sound FX. He put together YouTube photo videos showing people how to take the sound board from Revell’s U-Wing model to use in their own 1:18 scale U-Wing.

He is finally, absolutely finished with his project! 

This 1:18 scale U-Wing (from ROGUE ONE and the fourth season of STAR WARS: REBELS) is made from cardboard and paperboard. It’s designed for the 3.75” action figures. The building plans I designed are free for all Star Wars fans who want to make one of their own. 

Templates (Building plans and photo guide) 

Accessory Pack (Building plans for the inside elements) 

Paint Guide (How to prep and paint cardboard models) 

Alternate Engine Build 
(Build the mid- and end sections of the engines so you won’t need to paint them) 

Sound Add-on (Implement the sound board from Revell’s U-Wing model) 

Archive (Archived photos showing the original design and build process) 

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