Sunday, April 19, 2015

Celebration Anaheim - Diorama Workshop Giveaway Raffle Today!

Mirko Martinovic's Sabine Wren painted Tie Fighter is the exclusive giveaway that I would want most at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim.  This custom Star Wars vehicle is just gorgeous.  We can all hope that Hasbro releases a version of this vehicle from the season finale of Star Wars Rebels "Fire Across the Galaxy" in the near future.  Until any announcements are made, this is the only way to acquire this iconic vehicle.  I spoke with Mirko, and this custom took him 3 whole weeks to complete.  A true labor of love.  The raffle happens at 2pm on Sunday April 19th at the Diorama Workshop at the Hasbro booth at the convention center.  The raffle is for kids 16 and under!

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