Sunday, April 26, 2015

Star Wars Celebration Anaheim - Action Figure Customizing Panel Video Presentation & Commemorative Video

Big thanks to for posting this video.  It's the first one we found so far.

Sillof provided the audience with an introduction to the hobby, and explained the different types of customs that exist. He gave a brief overview of how custom action figures are made, how to disassemble and reassemble action figures, sculpting help, paint tips, as well as information on molding and casting. Other topics covered were 3-D printing, as well as the supplies and resources that Star Wars custom action figure artists utilize in their step-by-step process.

Six artists were featured: PeakOB1, Sillof, Sith_fire30, Chewie, and Customs for the Kid aka Darth Daddy & Elias. It's was a huge honor for us to be included in the featured artists at this year's panel.

The Panel had some of the best Celebration exclusives available, random giveaways of Star Wars custom action figures created by the featured artists. This was one panel you didn't want to miss.

The event was sponsored by Aves and Sculpey.

created by Darth Daddy

If you were bummed that Hasbro had no 3 3/4" exclusive for Star Wars Celebration Anaheim 2015, fear not.  The artists that are being showcased at the Action Figure Customizing Panel have provided some of the coolest Celebration exclusives ever available at a Star Wars Celebration event.  Artists like ChewiePeakOB1Sith_fire30, and Elias of Customs for the Kid have all provided unique action figure art that were given away to lucky attendees at the Panel.  

 "Commander Faie, Commander Cody & Admiral Screed" created by Sith_fire30

 "Imperial Troop Transport Pilot" by Elias

 Vehicle and additional figures not included.

"The Force Awakens" Han Solo created by Chewie

"Star Wars: Rebels" Lando Calrissian created by PeakOB1.

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