Tuesday, July 19, 2016

CUSTOMIZER SPOTLIGHT #47: "Custom Star Wars Action Figure Displays" by thecardboardgalaxy

Recently on eBay we came across some very cool custom Star Wars action figure displays.  We picked up all three that were available and then today noticed thecardboardgalaxy added five more unique displays to the store as well.  We already received our first three in the mail and were so impressed with the products being offered, we purchased all five of his new displays as well.

If you want the eyes of your peers, a nice background is key to your overall presentation, even if it is just a clean solid background color. We highly recommend these displays to custom action figure artists that want to display their finished action figure art in all its glory.  If you spend hours working on a figure it deserves a good photoshoot with a nice background to complement it.  Good backgrounds are something we can't stress enough to artists just starting out.  

"Custom Star Wars Action Figure Displays" 
created by thecardboardgalaxy

The included tiered risers make it easy to support several figures in your display at the same time. 


Available Action Figure Displays